Softball Code - Open Recreational Division

Badgerland Softball League
Softball Code
Edited February 28, 2012 

1.0 Purpose - To create a standard set of rules for the efficient and equitable operation of Badgerland Softball League.

2.0 Definitions  

1. Recreational Division - The recreational division would be formed by individuals registering for the Badgerland Softball League and indicating that they are interested in the recreational division.  The league (specifically, the membership committee) would look at the individual skill level of each player (based on past performance in the Badgerland Softball League or other softball league, assessment from the skill building clinics, and/or information from a player survey) and form evenly matched teams based on these individual skill sets.

A recreational player is an individual that is less concerned about the outcome of the game and more interested in participation in the sport, building camaraderie with teammates and opponents, and developing a greater appreciation for the game of softball.  Recreational players view the softball games as a social event where they can meet and interact with old friends and meet new people. 

In the recreational league, each player on the team will be given an equal opportunity to participate in the games.  For example, if there are more than 10 people on the team, a rotation will be set up to ensure each player has an equal amount of playing time (averaged out over the season).

2. Competitive Division - Teams are formed by individuals (or small groups of individuals) registering in the Badgerland Softball League and indicating that they are interested in the competitive division.

Competitive players have a "Winning is the Most Important Thing" mentality.  This is not to say that people who want to play in a competitive environment don't want to build camaraderie or interact with friends (new or old), but when they are on the field, they take advantage of every situation and expect the same of their teammates.  This will generally lead to the more talented players on the team having more playing time than the less talented players (generally the same players sit out or rotate during games).

3. Madison Schools and Community Recreation - Madison School & Community Recreation (MSCR) is the public recreation provider for the residents of Madison (within the boundaries of the Madison Metropolitan School District).  MSCR provides the fields, rules, and scheduling for the Open Recreational and Women's Competitive Divisions.

4. Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Any behavior that disrupts the play of the game and/or could harm or threaten another person, including (but not limited to):

a. Derogatory comments, gestures, or actions toward any other player, coach, umpire, or spectator in the stand.

b. Arguing with an umpire or coach.

c. Physical altercations.

d. Throwing equipment.

e. Vulgar language.

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3.0 Open Recreational Division

1. Teams - Only individuals will be allowed to register for the recreational division.  No team registration will be allowed.

a. Teams will be formed from the pool of registered players by the Membership Committee, with an emphasis on maintaining an equal balance of skill sets on all teams.

b. All efforts will be made to accommodate reasonable player requests as determined by the membership committee.

c. All new team names need to be submitted before Player Selection Night and need to be approved by the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner.  This will give time to order the new shirts.

2.  Player Eligibility - An individual will be eligible to play in any scheduled game for the team they are assigned, provided they are a registered player, with the following exception:

a. Individuals on the Player Suspension / Ineligibility Statement that are currently ineligible or serving a suspension.  

3.  Players - "The needs of the individual players shall outweigh the needs of the team."

a. The coach of each team shall ensure that equal playing time is allotted to all players who desire equal playing time.

4. Coaches - Coaches will be responsible for their player's understanding of the rules of the game and their conduct on the field.

         a. Coaches shall ensure that all players fully understand the rules of the game.

b. Coaches should proactively teach their players strategy and skills that will improve individual and team performance. 

5. Player Substitution - Only players registered on a Recreational team's roster are eligible to play.  Registered players from another team in the recreational division may act as a substitute player, provided:

         a. The team requesting the substitute has less than 10 players available for play.

b. A player with comparable skills to the missing player may be chosen from any other team in the league.

                   i. The substitute must be approved by both coaches of the teams playing.

                   ii. If an appropriate substitution cannot be determined by the coaches, they     

may appeal to the Assistant Commissioner or Commissioner who shall may or may not approve the substitution, if neither are available then another member of the Board of Directors can make the decision as long as they are not participating in the game in question.    

c. If a team does not field the minimum of eight players from their roster at the start time, determined by the umpire, then the game will be considered a forfeit.

i. If a forfeit occurs, the score will be submitted to MSCR as a forfeit 0-7, but both teams may still play with additional substitutes if needed

ii. Both teams will receive a loss if both of the teams do not have a minimum of eight players.

6.  Playing Regulations - All games shall be conducted in accordance with MSCR rules for Men's Slow Pitch Softball (see Appendix A) with the following exception:

         a. Men and Women may compete on the same team.

7. Player Disqualification or Suspension - A player may be disqualified or deemed ineligible and placed on the Player Suspension / Ineligibility Statement for any of the following violations:

         a. Unsportsmanlike Conduct on the Field, in the Dug Out, or while in the stands.

i. Penalty - Automatic Suspension for two games within the Badgerland Softball League not including the game where infraction occurred, if applicable.

b. Commission of Fraud such as playing under an assumed name, falsifying the Player Application Form, or violation of the "Under 18" policy.

                   i. Penalty - Automatic Suspension for rest of season.

c. Knowingly violating any applicable rule in the Badgerland Softball League Bylaws or Softball Code

                   i. Penalty - Recommendation of the Ethics Committee.

8. Player Disqualification or Suspension Procedures 

         a. Violations can be identified by any of the following:

i. Umpire can make a determination on Unsportsmanlike Conduct while the player is on the field, in the dugout, or in the stands.

ii. Violations can be reported to any Coach or Board Member.  The Coach or Board Member must immediately report the incident to the Ethics Committee for review.

         b. Any violation that holds an automatic penalty will be enforced immediately.  

c. Any violation that does not hold an automatic penalty will be reviewed by the Ethics committee within two days of learning of the violation.  The Ethics Committee will issue the penalty to the player.

i. The player and coach must be notified of any penalty at least two days prior to the next scheduled game. 

         d. All violations will be reviewed at the next scheduled General Council Meeting.

9. Schedule -The schedule will be set by MSCR (with the direction of the Assistant Commissioner).  Once posted, changes to the schedule will not be allowed, with the exception of weather delays.

10. Inclement Weather - MSCR will post weather cancellations on their website by 4:00pm on game day.  

a. The Assistant Commissioner will monitor the MSCR Weather Cancellation page and relay any cancellation information to all coaches immediately.

i. Coaches shall notify each player to inform them of the cancellation.

11. Equipment

         a. Fields - Prepped fields will be provided by MSCR.  

         b. Bases - Safety bases will be provided by MSCR.

                   i. A double first base will be used.

ii. A Black Mat will be used to determine Strikes / Balls and for use by the Runner when tagging home.   

c. Bats - MSCR will maintain a list of Banned bats.  Bats will be inspected by the umpire prior to the start of the game.  Any individual caught using an unapproved bat will be called out and may be required to serve a disciplinary suspension at the discretion of the Ethics Committee.

d. Balls - MSCR will supply game balls.  All balls used must be stamped with the MSCR logo.

e. Uniforms - Each individual will be supplied a team shirt with the "Badgerland Softball League" Logo and their team color.  Players are requested to wear their team shirt when playing.

12. Practices

a. At least one Skill Building clinic will be held prior to the beginning of the regular season.  Topics to be covered include (but are not limited to):

                   i. Rules and Strategy of the Game

                   ii. Infield Drills

                   iii. Outfield Drills

                   iv. Batting Skills

b. A scrimmage will be held one week prior to the start of the regular season.  This will be coordinated by the Assistant Commissioner.

c. Team practices are at the discretion of each team coach and are not considered an activity of Badgerland Softball League. 

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6.0 Special Circumstances 

1. There may occasionally be situations that arise that need an immediate resolution that are not covered in the Badgerland Softball League Softball Code.  In these situations, the matter can be resolved by one of the following:

         a. Two members of the Board may make a temporary decision.

b. If option (a.) is not available, 50% of the coaches of the division in question can make a temporary decision.

c. If option (a.) and (b.) are not available, the Umpire will make a temporary decision.

2.  Once a temporary decision for a Ã?????Ã????Ã???Ã??Ã?¢??Special CircumstanceÃ?????Ã????Ã???Ã??Ã?¢?? has been made, that temporary decision will set precedence until the General Council can amend the rules.

7.0 Amendments Ã?????Ã????Ã???Ã??Ã?¢?? Amendments to the Softball Code of Badgerland Softball League can be done by a simple majority vote of a General Council Meeting.  The vote to amend the Softball Code cannot be done with a secret ballot.

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