Reimbursement Policy

Badgerland Softball League Player Account Reimbursement Policy

This reimbursement policy describes the process in which players requesting reimbursement of monies spent on items in accordance to Badgerland Softball League ByLaws 18.02 and its subsets.

Reimburseable Expenses

Badgerland Softball League restricts use of player account funds to the following categories:
  • Registration Fees
  • Team Jerseys and uniforms
  • Hotel Stipends
  • Transportation
  • Donation to Scholarship or other organizational needs as designated by the Badgerland Board of Directors.
  • Equipment: Items that are used for softball may include: cleats, turf shoes, gloves, batting gloves, bats, balls, sliders, slide pads, bat bags, or other items submitted and approved by the Board of Directors

No player account funds can be used for food or alcohol.

Reimbursement Process

  1. Prior to submission, player should confirm they have an active player account. All active accounts will be given access to a google sheet with thier account activity. If you need access, please contact the treasurer at
  2. Players should submit their receipts for reimbursement to the Treasurer by the end of the calendar month for approval at the following Board of Directors' meeting. 
  3. After approval, reimbursements will be mailed to the requesting player, no later than 7 days after the Board of Directors' meeting.


  • No reimbursements will be issued without a receipt.
  • Reimbursements will cover all appropriate expenditures in the receipts OR up to the amount the player currently has in their personal account, even if that is less than the original amount requested for reimbursement.
  • Any questions regarding personal player accounts shall be directed to the Badgerland Softball League Treasurer at Requests of the Treasurer will be emailed to the official email address above rather than any other aspect of personal communication, i.e. text, Facebook, etc. This ensures all financial dealings of the league can be justified during an audit and during transitions to a new league Treasurer.

Updated September 13, 2020

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