Player Selection

Player Selection Procedure

Goal:  To make all teams as balanced as possible by using rating data of returning players of the Badgerland Softball League and other NAGAAA rated leagues while creating a random system that allows for teams to be compiled with minimal outside influence. 

Player selection will be completed by the Membership Committee at a stated time and place so all coaches may be in attendance if they choose. 

-Each player will be allowed to play with their boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other if they choose and document on each of their registration forms. This person will be known as a "tie-in". 

-Special consideration will be given to player ties of non significant other "tie-in" on a case-by-case situation, for example, carpooling.  The Membership Committee will make final decisions. 

  1. Teams (coaches) will be randomly drawn from a hat to determine player selection order.   
  1. The order will follow a "snake" drawn format.  For example, If there are five teams, the order would be: Round 1 - ABCDE, Round 2 - EDCBA, Round 3 - ABCDE and continue until selections are complete. 
  1. All ranked players will be grouped into hats based on their like ratings.  Ex. All 10s together, 9s together, and so on.  All pitchers will be grouped together in their own hat.  All new and Unrated players will be grouped into the same hat of "Unrated". 
  1. "Tie-ins" will be grouped together and placed into the higher rated players group.  Rated players can be tied to an Unrated player and they will be placed into the rated players group.  If a player is a "tie-in" with a pitcher, they will be placed into the pitching group as the pitcher has priority. 
  1. Order of selection: Teams (coaches), Rated players (from highest to lowest), Pitchers, Unrated players will be drawn randomly in the same draft order to fill each team equally.  Teams with higher number of players on their team will be skipped on their selection turn until all teams have an equal amount of players until they are equal with all other teams, then the selection will proceed as normal. 
  1. Pitcher Selection - ***Exception to the randomness of the Selection Procedure*** Membership committee will place highest rated pitcher with lowest rated team and continue the process until all pitchers are gone.  If the coach or the coach's "tie-in" is a pitcher, then that team be placed at the end of the first round of pitcher selection to ensure all teams have a pitcher. 
  1. "Tie-ins" effecting draft order - If a coach has a "tie-in" that will have to be factored into the selection process.  When that team is up to select their next team member, if the "tie-in" player's rating is lower then the group being from then the team will be able to select a player from the group.  If the "tie-in" player's rating is higher or equal to the group that is being drawn from, then that team will skip its draw and use the "tie-in" player to fill that slot. 
  1. "Non-coach tie-in" players will work the same way as noted in 6.  If the "tie in" player is an Unrated Player, then that team will skip their first pick from the Unrated group. 
  1. This process will continue until all registered players have been placed on a team. 
  1. After this process, the Membership Committee will review all teams to try to prevent any conflicts of interests and make sure the teams are as balanced as possible by calculating overall team average and gender.   
  1. Before certifying the teams, if needed, the Membership Committee may adjust teams if warranted. 
  1. Once certified, Coaches will be able to contact their teams. 

Updated Feb 9th 2016 

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