Badgerland Tournament Ambassadors

As a member of both the Amateur Sports Alliance of North America (ASANA) and the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance  (NAGAAA), we are part of an international community of more than 25,000 athletes, coaches, and fans on more than 2,000 teams in more than 50 cities.  Each year, Badgerland Softball members travel to tournaments hosted by NAGAAA and ASANA member leagues, including the ASANA Softball World Series and NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series. In addition to playing softball, these athletes serve as unofficial ambassadors for the Badgerland Softball League, demonstrating through their speech, actions, and sportsmanship their dedication to creating safe, affirming spaces for LGBT athletes around the world. Some of Badgerland's accomplishments (and team names) are listed below:

NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series

1st Runner Up, 2015 (Big Cheese-C);

Participation, 2015 (Madison Monster); 2016 (D-List);  

ASANA Softball World Series

Cleveland MIST

Participation, 2007 (Big Cheese-C)

Fort Lauderdale Hurricane Classic

2nd Runner Up, 2012 (Big Cheese-D) 

Kansas City Show-Me Showdown

2nd Runner Up , 2016 (Big Cheese-C)

Participation, 2017 (Fireballs-D) 

Las Vegas Sin City Shootout

Participation, 2015 (Big Cheese); 2016 (Fireballs-D);

Madison Badgerland Classic

FMS Spirit Award, 2017 (Big Cheese-C)

1st Runner Up, 2016 (Big Cheese-C)

3rd Runner Up, 2017 (Fireballs-D)

Cheese Cup Champions, 2017 (Screwballs-D)

Participation, 2016 (Woodcocks; D-List; Dinosaurs); 2017 (Mad-City Snatch; Dinosaurs)

Madison Felicia Melton-Smyth Memorial Tournament

Competitive Division Champions, 2008 (Wiggie's); 2009 (WOOF's Madd Dawgs); 2011 (Coliseum Bar), & 2012 (Big Cheese)

Recreational Division Champions, 2011 (Ball Busters & Meat Locker)

Competitive Division 1st Runner Up, 2008 (Madd Dawgs); 2011 (Awesomeness)

Women's Division 1st Runner Up, 2008 (L Team), 2011 (Kode)

Competitive Division 2nd Runner Up, 2011 (Madd Dawgs)

Recreational Division 2nd Runner Up, 2011 (Blue Crush)

Women's Division 2nd Runner Up, 2011 (Missfits & L=Team)

Madison School and Community Recreation (MSCR) Glacier City League

League Champions, 2012 (Rainbow Warriors)

Milwaukee Dairlyland Classic

Champions, 2010, Big Cheese-D); 2016 (Rainbow Warriors-C); 2017 (Mad City-Snatch-D and Big Cheese-C);  

1st Runner Up, 2011 & 2012 (Big Cheese-D)

Participation, 2015 (Candymen); 2016 (Candymen; Fireballs); 2017 (Dinosaurs); 

Minneapolis North Star Classic

Champions, 2012 (Big Cheese-D)

1st Runner Up, 2009 & 2013, 2015 (Big Cheese-D&C)

Participation, 2017 (Fireballs-D and Big Cheese C)

Tampa Gasparilla Classic

Champions, 2014 (Big Cheese-D)

2nd Runner Up, 2013 (Big Cheese-D)

St. Louis Arch Invitational

1st Runner Up (Mad City Snatch-D)

Washington DC Mid-Atlantic Gay Invitational Classic (MAGIC)

Participation, 2013 (Arsenal-D)

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