MSCR Special Rules - Open Rec

Rules of Note*
* This is only a partial list of rules. Please see the MSCR Summer Softball League Rules & Policies listed on the right for complete rules.
  • Alcohol
    • Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages while on Board of Education property at any time, or city parks after 10 p.m., is strictly prohibited.
    • Participants may not consume alcoholic beverages at any time during their game. This includes walking behind the bleachers, bench, or backstop to consume.
    • If participants violate the MSCR alcohol policy, they are suspended from participating in that game and the next two (2) games played by their team as well as being reported to the Softball Commission.
  • Uniforms/Jewelry
    • Shirts must be worn by all participants whether playing or not.
    • Shoes must be worn by all players and coaches. Metal spikes are not allowed. (penalty: player must remove to continue participation, refusal to do results in disqualification from game.)
    • All jewelry must be removed when possible. Rings or earrings that cannot be removed may be covered with tape. (penalty: player must remove or tape to continue participation; unable or refusal to do so will result in disqualification from game.)
  • Equipment
    • Only official softball bats as outlined by ASA rules are allowed. A list of approved bats can be viewed at
    • The home team for each game must furnish two approved, game balls, issued by and marked "MSCR".
    • Bases will be supplied by MSCR. A "double 1st base" will be used at all levels of play.
  • The Game
    • Games will begin at the scheduled starting time. NO GRACE PERIOD!
    • Games will be 7 innings or 1 hour time limit. No new inning shall be started after the time limit expires unless game is tied.
    • Don't Be late! Once the line-up is listed on the scorecard and the game begins, no further additions to the starting line-up may be made.
    • At home plate, at all times (whether a play is being made or not) the base runner must touch the BLACK mat while the catcher has the WHITE home plate. Catching the ball and stepping on the plate before the base runner arrives at the mat is all that is required to record an out. Sliding is allowed (when sliding, base runners should slide toward the black mat). To create the "force situation" in all instances, a chalk line will be placed approximately 20 feet from home plate, across the baseline. Once a base runner has touched or crossed the line, the runner must continue toward home plate and cannot return to third base. The runner may be put out at home by the catcher (or defensive player) tagging home plate (a force out) or be tagged out.

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