Badgerland Board of Directors

The Board of Directors typically meet at 6:30pm on the second Thursday of each month except in December. Quorum is two-thirds of the current board and is not necessary for the board to meet, but a quorum is required before a vote. 

Want to get more involved? Attend a Board meeting! Board meetings are open to the public. If you wish to attend, please check with the league secretary to verify date, time, and location.

2021 Board of Directors

Dean Blaser
(2-year term through 10/22)

Jess Wreczycki
Women's Commissioner
(2-year term through 10/22)

Assistant Commissioner
Brian Goff
Open Competitive Representative
(2-year term through 10/21)

Chris Verhaeghe
(2-year term through 10/21)

Matthew Campbell
(2-year term through 10/21)

Ashleigh Baldwin
Member At Large 
(2-year term through 10/21)

Tom McCarthy
Member At Large
(2-year term through 10/22)

Tournament Director

Mailing Address

Badgerland Softball 
PO Box 258167
Madison, WI 53725

Employer Identification Number


Past Meeting Minutes
*minutes will be posted the following month after they are approved by the Board.

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General Council Meetings

General Council meetings are held in February and October. Attendees include the Board of Directors and at least 1 representative from every team under the Badgerland Softball League. Visitors are welcome to attend.

General Council Minutes

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